About us

Climbing adventures in Crete

Crete is located in the east-south part of Mediterranean. It is an island  of 260km length and 60 width, full of contrasts, amazing landscapes and very rich geomorphology. In numbers:

  • More than 60 summits above 2000m
  • More than 60 climbing crags and more than 2000 bolted routes
  • More than 400 canyons
  • More than 5000 caves and
  • 1024 km of coast line!

It’s a paradise where you can ski, climb and swim in a single day!

A wild beauty that offers unique emotions to anyone who tries to get to know it better.

Our instructor

Aristoteles Mavrommatis- Certified climbing instructor (Greek National Diploma)


Aristoteles Mavrommatis is a certified climbing instructor, passionate climber and route setter. Born and raised in Crete where he also spends most of his time. Climbers from all over the world come to  Crete to share his passion, learn from his experience and  improve their rock climbing skills. Aristoteles has opened more than half of the routes on the island as well as many others all around the world.   

He started climbing when he was 14 and until now hasn’t stopped. He moved to Thessaloniki to study economics at Aristoteleion University and this is when developed his true love for the mountains. He spent 4 years in Thessaloníki where he completed his studies while in parallel he started participating at Greek climbing competitions with great success. He then moved to Spain and lived there for six years where he met and collaborated with some of the best climbers in the word. Some of his achievements include climbing 8c red point and 8a onsight. During these years he bolted some routes in Spain as well as in another places around the world. While continuously improving his climbing skills, he gained international recognition and he was invited to Marocco, Turkey, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Cyprus, Kalymnos to teach but also to help in discovering and opening new routes. In Kalymnos the year of 2006 Aristoteles with his good friend and climbing partner Chris Daniil participated in the Petzl Roc Trip and won the first position of the free ride climbing rally. 

At the age of 28, he decides to return to his birth place, Crete, where he built and managed the first boulder training centre. Cretan Climbing Community is his inspiration and nowadays is the most active climbing community in the country. Aristoteles shares his passion and knowledge all of these years with hundreds of students and some of them are part of the National Greek Climbing Team. He is responsible for all the official climbing courses on behalf of the Greek Climbing Association in Crete the last years. 

After so many years of rich and international experience, Aristoteles has created his own company, CLIMB-ON CRETE,  with a goal to share with as many as possible, his knowledge and love for climbing.

Aristoteles Mavrommatis - Certified climbing instructor
(Greek National Diploma)
Email: arismav@hotmail.com
Tel: +30 6937333143
Loc: Heraklion/ Crete/ Greece